Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coq Trivia: Dependent Pattern-Matching and Inversion

I found some more time to study Coq. One place where I stumble very frequently is case analysis of value-indexed inductive types. There are often cases that lead to contradiction. Other cases intuitively imply some variables to be equal. Vanilla match constructs gives you no help, leaving you stranded. In proof mode, inversion tactic helps a lot. However, generated proofs are huge and hard to navigate. Another option is to use dependent pattern matching directly (which is what inversion generates for you).

I was eager to figure this out because there are times when proof mode is too confusing for me as a beginner or I seem to lack control defining precisely what I want. In particular, if you do code extraction, you do not want to use inversion-generated convoluted code. But up until today I had little success. Here is the first, and very modest, success story: retrieving the head of a non-empty length-indexed list, and discharging the Nil case with dependent pattern-matching:

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