Sunday, November 2, 2014

People 101

After a long stretch of working from a cave, I am discovering the joys and horrors of working with a team of multiple people and one robot. How does one function? Where is the manual to people?

I am still looking for a good one. In the meanwhile, some field notes:
  1. People reach different conclusions from the same data due to differences in judgement - disagreement does not always result from lack of understanding or poor communication.
  2. People argue, and mostly about unimportant things, because due to (1) what they judge important you consider trivial.
  3. Being an expert in a field does not entitle you to expert opinion on everything, something I have to remind myself often.
  4. People make mistakes, both of professional and interpersonal nature.
  5. People do a lot more of all the above when lacking proper sleep and rest.
  6. I am no exception.
I am making some ghastly mistakes, requiring a sincere apology. I wish there was an easy way to cover these with regression tests.